Product solutions

All products you manufacture require connecting elements to some extent.

Whether you need a conventional or customized part, we deliver a solution for every application.


Standard fasteners

We produce a wide range of standard fasteners by the millions every day. These include virtually any type of screws, nuts, bolts, rivets, studs and washers customary to the automotive industry.


Customized parts

Often, fastening solutions are a critical part of your product design, influencing functionality, performance and durability. In that case, we produce parts tailored to your application’s exact requirements and can support you with their development as well.

Component subassemblies

You are challenged with making optimal use of labor resources and plant space, while managing against consistently changing production demands. Outsourcing the assembly of components can create greater efficiencies.

Product applications

There is an answer to any fastening challenge. When looking to find a fastener for a specific application, browsing our range of carefully selected multifunctional products may offer a practical solution.