Fikret Durak


Allround Operator


Altena, Germany



When Nedschroef acquired the company I was working at in 2008, I was able to continue my work as a production assistant. Since then I have had different roles within the company, leading up to my current position as an allround operator at the
pressing department.


Being an allround operator, I perform a wide range of activities for several departments within the company, wherever and whenever I am needed. This variation aspect is one of the things I like most about my job.

I also find it very interesting that I have a job in the automotive industry at a company that is renowned worldwide, and I love the fact that I work so closely with advanced technology.

What I especially like at Nedschroef are the familial atmosphere, amazing team spirit, variety in product designs and opportunities offered in personal advancement. It is also great to experience that everyone from managers to apprentices are united
and set common goals to achieve together.


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