Nedschroef Altena GmbH


Nedschroef Altena has a successful track record built on a company heritage of  300 years. This experience combined with advanced manufacturing technology, technical skills and the enthusiasm of our 200 staff members results in Nedschroef being one of the leading manufacturers of small screws for the automotive industry and its sub-suppliers.

As an innovative manufacturer of fastening elements with a wide range of products, Nedschroef Altena stands for high requirements, innovative products and efficient production processes.
Our target is to find solutions for complex technical problems.


Besides screws and bolts Nedschroef Altena is very experienced in the range of cold forging parts.
The material used not only includes steel of strength category 5.6, 8.8, 10.9,12.9, and case hardened but also various stainless steels and different special materials.

We can count all automotive manufacturers as well as a great number of their sub-suppliers in Europe among our customers. From our central location we dispatch our products all over the world and they are used in countless ranges of the automotive industry. Our long term experience makes us a reliable and flexible partner for our customers, supporting changing requirements and consulting effectively.

Our experienced application engineers will give you an expert advice concerning existing options at your premises and are available for any further explanations you might need.
They will accompany your projects starting with the first problem description up to the product ready for serial production.


Nedschroef Altena GmbH
Westiger Str. 62, P.O. Box 1651
58762 Altena – Germany
T  +49 2352 – 20 19 0
F  +49 2352 – 2019 143



Product  range of Nedschroef Altena:

  • Metric screws (M2 – M8)
  • Thread-forming  screws (Nedtite and Nedtite ES)
  • Screws for thermoplastics (also PT and Delta PT license)
  • Thread forming plunge screws
  • Screws with other special threads as well as different head and point geometry