Today’s ongoing commitment to sustainability has resulted in an increasing demand for lightweight parts. Nedschroef’s new Thin Sheet Metal Nut was developed to provide a solution. Pre-punching a hole is not necessary with these special nuts for thin steel sheets. This also applies for thin high-strength steel sheets.


Compared to welding, this process is significantly faster, without sacrificing on quality, reliability and durability. By entering parameters such as material, thickness and forces, the optimum assembly and price levels can be calculated for every application. 


The Thin Sheet Metal Nuts are applicable in many areas, typical usage includes thin sheet metal applications for Body In White such as rear seat holders. Different types of material can be combined. Nedschroef offers the integrated production, design and systems engineering capacity required to create bespoke solutions for even the most specifi c and demanding requirements at an attractive price point. Our engineers are ready to work together with you to create the ideal solution for your own application...




  • No need to punch a hole before application
  • As strong as traditional welding
  • Combinations of different materials possible




  • Quicker, easier fastening
  • Less process time than welding
  • Reliable, low cost process
  • Standard assembly methods and equipment
  • Determination of optimum assembly level for many applications
  • Possible repair solutions