Friday September 6 2019

Nedschroef Beckingen celebrates 150 years of success



Nedschroef Beckingen, an affiliate of the leading Dutch automotive supplier Nedschroef, celebrates its 150th birthday on 7 September 2019. Founded in 1869 as a factory for small hardware in Beckingen, Nedschroef Beckingen is now, after an eventful history, a recognised manufacturer of fasteners.

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Monday August 19 2019

Nedschroef will appoint Dr. Matthias Sckuhr as the new CEO



Nedschroef announces that Dr. Matthias Sckuhr (51) will be appointed as its new Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Sckuhr will take this position per 1st of September 2019 and will succeed Dr. Mathias Hüttenrauch, who will remain liaised with the company as an advisor to the Board of Directors until 31st of December 2019.

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Wednesday July 31 2019

Leadership change at Nedschroef



Today, Nedschroef announces that Dr. Mathias Hüttenrauch, CEO of Nedschroef, will resign from his current position per 1st of September 2019 to explore his new career development.

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Thursday July 4 2019

Celebrating 125 years of entrepreneurial spirit, innovation and dedication



When thinking about Nedschroef, one word comes into mind: connections. And that has been true for more than 125 years. Dr. Mathias Hüttenrauch, CEO of Nedschroef, underlined in his speech on the occasion of Nedschroef’s 125 anniversary celebration that technical connections, connections with customers and partners as well as connections with people are the basis of Nedschroef’s success, today and in the future.

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Tuesday January 1 2019

Celebrating 125 years of ideas coming together



This year, it’s exactly 125 years ago that Nedschroef was established by Dutch entrepreneur and founder Hendrik van Thiel. Back in 1894, it was still a family business producing rivets for the shipbuilding industry. Over the course of time, it gradually started shifting the supply of its fasteners to car manufacturers.

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Thursday April 12 2018

Nedschroef Machinery brings smart forming to a changing industry at Wire 2018



Nedschroef Machinery will introduce a new concept called smart forming to the fixing and fastening industry at Wire 2018, 16-20 April in Düsseldorf, Germany. Smart forming brings more flexibility, intelligence and efficiency to the production of cold and warm formed metal parts, allowing manufacturers to create more complex and more functional products faster.

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Wednesday March 28 2018

Nedschroef expands its headquarters



As Nedschroef’s global footprint grows, so does its headquarters. The company, a leading automotive fasteners supplier in Europe, opened its newly expanded headquarters in Helmond, the Netherlands, to an audience of 150 local dignitaries and representatives of the global automotive industry.

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Monday January 15 2018

CP tech, a Nedschroef company, first supplier to produce new cockpit protection system for Formula 1



The Federation Internationale De L’Automobile (FIA), governing body for motor sport worldwide, has approved CP tech as the first supplier of the newly developed HALO cockpit protection system, which is mandatory in Formula 1 and Formula 2 for season 2018 to improve driver safety.

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Wednesday November 1 2017

Cultivation of talent at Nedschroef



In the summer of 2017, Nedschroef selected a new group of top talented employees to take part in its second, annually recurring, corporate development program (CDP). A special CDP day was organized to officially welcome participants to the program.

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Monday October 16 2017

Nedschroef receives Schmitz Cargobull global supplier award



Nedschroef has been honored with the Schmitz Cargobull global supplier award in the category services out of 100 automotive related, professional suppliers.

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Wednesday June 28 2017

Nedschroef introduces next-generation high-productivity fastening solution



Light, robust and easy-to-process TICnut® (thin sheet inner clinch nut) increases manufacturing productivity

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Monday June 26 2017

Nedschroef acquires CP Tech to broaden high-end engineering know-how



With the acquisition, Nedschroef intends to further develop from a specialist manufacturer of fasteners to a high-end engineering company capable of engaging in the development of early-stage automotive projects working jointly with OEMs.

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Tuesday June 6 2017

Nedschroef intern winner at Skills Heroes contest



Recently Laila de Groot, intern at our finance department in Helmond (NL), won first prize at Skills Heroes, a Dutch contest for upcoming business professionals.

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Wednesday May 17 2017

Introducing surface treatment at Nedschroef Beckingen



At the end of last year Nedschroef put into service a new surface treatment line at its production facility in Beckingen, Germany. The introduction of the new system for aluminum products was recently celebrated during a special inauguration ceremony.

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Tuesday February 28 2017

Nedschroef Fraulautern at Lange Nacht der Industrie Berlin



On 10 May 2017 the Lange Nacht der Industrie will be organized in Berlin. This special event offers interested people the possibility to visit two fascinating production plants during the same evening.

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Wednesday January 25 2017

Nedschroef wins best motion picture award



Recently Nedschroef finished first place in the Südwestfalen Manager Image Film Award competition. Winning this award for best company motion picture is the result of a two month neck and neck race with twenty contestants.

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Wednesday January 4 2017

Nedschroef organizes educative Safety Week



Safety starts with me. That was the slogan of the safety themed week organized from 6 to 14 October 2016 at our production facility in Helmond (NL). Its goal was to raise awareness of the subject among our people in a fun, yet powerful way.

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Wednesday December 21 2016

Nedschroef supports charity



It has become a tradition for Nedschroef to financially support a local cause at Christmas time. This year two charity projects have been selected for receiving help.

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Wednesday December 14 2016

Successful 6th Lange Nacht der Industrie for Nedschroef



On 6 October 2016 the annual Saarland ‘Lange Nacht der Industrie’ was organized. We took part in this year’s event, just like in every previous edition since its foundation in 2011.

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Wednesday December 7 2016

Craftsmanship boosts success



On 24 November 2016 the Engineer Noordhof Award was presented to the best craftsmen in the region of Southeast Brabant (NL) for the 27th time. Nedschroef and SMF Tools each nominated one of their employees for the award in the category ‘metal’.

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Wednesday November 30 2016

Nedschroef 4th time winner GM Supplier Quality Excellence Award



Recently General Motors (GM) presented Nedschroef with the 2015 edition of the Supplier Quality Excellence Award for the outstanding performance of its manufacturing location in Plettenberg, Germany. It is the fourth year in a row this plant takes home the prestigious and internationally renowned award.

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Wednesday November 23 2016

Nedschroef present at HAN Automotive Career Day



On Tuesday, October 11, Nedschroef participated in the Automotive Career Day at the Academy of Arnhem and Nijmegen, the Netherlands. This is a yearly recurring event organized to inform and inspire young talent.

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Wednesday November 16 2016

International students start European Project Semester at Nedschroef



Recently a group of international students started their 2016 European Project Semester at our facility in Helmond, the Netherlands. The students who come from various countries of the world all attend the Avans Hogeschool in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, which is located in the Netherlands as well.

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Wednesday November 9 2016

New apprentices at Nedschroef



A few weeks ago, five new apprentices started their career at Nedschroef Altena GmbH. During the next couple of years, they will gain in-depth experience in both theoretical and practical aspects at various departments within our company.

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Wednesday November 2 2016

Family Day at Nedschroef Schrozberg



Recently our colleagues from Schrozberg celebrated family day. The event took place outside the office premises. During this event our colleagues brought their kids and various activities were organized.

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Wednesday October 26 2016

New interns and graduate students at Nedschroef



Schools have started again and so has the season for interns and graduate students. Nedschroef Helmond once again recruited ten highly motivated students.

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Wednesday October 19 2016

Nedschroef at career fair Ausbildungsmesse Oben



A few weeks ago, over 80 companies and exhibitors, including Nedschroef attended the Ausbildungsmesse Oben at the Gesamtschule Kierspe that was visited by many students, graduates and professionals.

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Wednesday October 12 2016

Nedschroef at Career Fair Ausbildungsmesse Lüdenscheid

Recently, the 6th  Career fair was held in Ausbildungsmesse Lüdenscheid. Nedschroef Plettenberg GmbH was one of total of 86 exhibitors who were present there.

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Thursday October 6 2016

Successful CDP Day at Nedschroef Academy

On September 29 Nedschroef organized its first CDP Day. CDP stands for Corporate Development Program, which is a new initiative to develop and interconnect our internal Talent at Nedschroef within a 15 month period through Leadership and Management Trainings and workshops.

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Wednesday September 7 2016

Nedschroef at Jacobi Summer festival in Schrozberg

Recently our apprentices presented Nedschroef Group in Schrozberg during the trade exhibition for the Jacobi Summer festival. This is a 500 year old traditional festival  in the region. For the very first time, a Trade Exhibition took place. Our colleagues from Nedschroef Schrozberg GmbH participated in the event. The goal was to create more brand awareness, to expand our contacts and to recruit new motivated students for internships.

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Wednesday August 31 2016

Our Colleagues at AOK Company Run in Lüdenscheid

This run has become an annual tradition within Nedschroef Altena GmbH. In this year’s edition approx. 5,500 participants from 320 companies in Märkischer Kreis participated in the run.

Our colleagues from Nedschroef Altena GmbH also participated in the run. 

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Wednesday August 24 2016

Colleagues at Nedschroef Plettenberg Successfully Completed Apprenticeships

A few weeks ago our apprentices, Ms. Julia Luft and Mr. Marcel Pierskalla finished their apprenticeships in Plettenberg.

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Wednesday August 17 2016

Our Colleagues at Company Run Saarland

Recently, the yearly company run in Dillingen took place with the slogan “ Get out of your working shoes and put on your running shoes”. Over 14,000 runners from750 companies participated in the run.

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Wednesday August 10 2016

Nedschroef attends the first IHK Praktikum and Training Tour for Refugees

Recently, 14 refugees, members of employment agency and chamber of commerce visited our plant. It was the first time for most of the refugees to see a production plant. After the plant tour most of them took the opportunity to meet the colleagues from HR and discuss the possibility to work in the production.

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Wednesday August 3 2016

Successful Lange Nacht der Industrie in Berlin

Recently, our Berlin plant participated at the LNDI (Lange Nacht der Industrie) for the 3rd time.

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Wednesday July 27 2016

Nedschroef Participates in Softball Tournament

Recently, our colleagues from Nedschroef Helmond B.V. competed in the annual Softball Tournament at the local Baseball club.

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Wednesday July 20 2016

Nedschroef Supported Summotive Team Win Bronze

Every year Shell Europe organizes a fuel economy competition on behalf of students. The moto of the competition is  to build a vehicle which can drive a much as possible kilometres with only 1 litre fuel.

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Wednesday July 6 2016

Nedschroef colleagues at the Dragon Boat Festival

Last weekend, the second edition of the Helmond Dragon Boat festival took place. The Dragon Boat Festival, also often known as the Tuen Ng or Duanwu Festival, is a traditional festival originated in China.


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Wednesday June 29 2016

Apprentices from Nedschroef Schrozberg Successfully Completed their Training

Recently, our apprentices ay Nedschroef Schrozberg GmbH has successfully completed their training. Alper Özgür, Markus Maier and Eduard Weber have recently completed

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Wednesday June 22 2016

Colleagues at Nedschroef Plettenberg Successfully Completed Instructor Aptitude Test

A few weeks ago, our colleagues from Nedschroef Plettenberg GmbH, Gregor Scholl, Sabrina Weth, Peter Sedlatschek and Linda-Marie Kluin have successfully completed the instructor aptitude test.

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Wednesday June 15 2016

Ladies Self Defense Training at Nedschroef

Recently, at Nedschroef, we had the second self-defense training for our female colleagues. 20 colleagues or Nedschroef Fraulautern GmbH and Nedschroef Beckingen GmbH learned how to defend them selves in case of an attack.

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Wednesday June 8 2016

25 Years Jubilee of Our Colleagues at Nedschroef Altena

A few weeks ago, our colleague Mr. Willi Fuhrwerk from Altena celebrated his 25th work anniversary.

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Wednesday June 1 2016

Nedschroef @ Career Day of Südwestfälische Fachhochschule

Few days ago, 9th Careers Day of Südwestfälische Fachhochschule took place in Soest. Over 100 companies and exhibitors, including Nedschroef, were present at the Soest campus with students, graduates, professionals.


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Wednesday May 25 2016

Nedschroef Exploring Virtual Reality

Nedschroef Marketing Communication team is proud to introduce to you our very own Virtual Reality experience. Over the last few months, the team was dedicated to the concept development till bringing the VR experience to reality.

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Wednesday May 18 2016

Welcome to a New Era: Introducing Nedschroef Infographic Video

Let’s be honest, we can easily get bored reading too much text.  And it can be difficult to follow lots of numbers and statistics. To overcome this, we can use illustrations, flowcharts and graphs make information visually appealing and easier to understand. This is the original idea behind the birth of infographics.

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Wednesday May 11 2016

Introducing Official Nedschroef Corporate Video

We are the market leader for over 120 years in automotive fastener industry. In this hundred years of journey, for the very first time, Nedschroef Marketing Communication team is proud to present our Official Corporate Video. 

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Wednesday May 4 2016

Team of Nedschroef Apprentices Won the Stock Exchange Game

Plan, Act, Win

The stock exchange business game is an exciting online competition, where pupils and students increase their virtual capital on the stock exchange. It is traded with the market prices of real stock market places.

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Wednesday April 27 2016

Our New Colleagues from Schorzberg visited Nedschroef Plettenberg GmbH

Last Year, Nedschroef Group acquired two new plants : Nedschroef Schrozberg GmbH & Nedschroef Beckingen GmbH.

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Wednesday April 20 2016

Our Apprentices visited our new plant Nedschroef Beckingen GmbH

Few weeks ago, the apprentices from the plant Nedschroef Fraulautern GmbH went to visit the apprentices in Beckingen. After a brief introduction, the apprentices got the chance to introduce themselves and to talk about their experiences.

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Wednesday April 13 2016

New Trainees @ Nedschroef Helmond

Recently, a group of 8 students started their internships for a period of 2 – 5 months. The educations and internship tasks are very diverse. The temporary work spots have been spread over the company. 

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Wednesday April 6 2016

Work Anniversary Celebration at Nedschroef Altena GmbH

Once again, our colleagues from Altena celebrated their work anniversary. Management of Nedschroef Altena GmbH congratulated them on their jubilees and recognized for the always good cooperation, loyalty over many years and many valuable experiences that you share with us.

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Wednesday March 30 2016

Special Visitors for Plant Tour @ Nedschroef

On Friday, March 11, we welcomed 14 people from The Circle. We had specially organized "Mens day" for patients. We started our program with coffee and cake in the historic room. 

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Wednesday March 9 2016

Nedschroef is awarded as the Top Supplier of Renault Group

In January, 2016, Nedschroef was awarded as the top supplier within the entire Renault Group. Based on Renault Capacity survey result, Nedschroef was voted as the best among all the suppliers.

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Wednesday March 2 2016

International Internship at Heat Treatment Department

Recently, students from the U.S., Spain, and the United Kingdom joined an Internship program at Nedschroef Helmond B.V. from engineering and design backgrounds. 

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Wednesday February 24 2016

Nedschroef Helmond at Fontys Talent Day

Recently, Nedschroef Helmond B.V.participated in the Talent Day at Fontys Eindhoven. Our colleague, Suzan van Gastel (trainee at dpt.  Maintenance and also a student at Fontys) and Bart Peeters (CIP) went to Eindhoven to represent Nedschroef. 

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Wednesday February 17 2016

Nedschroef’s Christmas Charity Program 2016

Every year, we like to give thoughts to the people who aren’t so lucky in this world. Therefore, as a tradition, Nedschroef supports two charity projects each year that are suggested by our colleagues. Also this year, the Board of Directors has asked the Holding colleagues to come up with suggestions for Charity Projects that are somehow related to themselves or to their friends or families. 

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Wednesday February 10 2016

Our Kunshan Colleagues Celebrated Year End Dinner

Recently, all our colleagues from Nedschroef Kunshan Co. Ltd celebrated closing in 2015 with an annual dinner. As it’s near to Chinese New Year and to thank for their relentless hard work and efforts in Year 2015, the local management arranged yearly end dinner.

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Monday February 8 2016

Happy Chinese New Year, 2016

Chinese New Year - The Year of the Monkey begins on Monday, February 8th, 2016. It is the year of Red Male Monkey, the Fire Monkey. Chinese people apply Five Elements (Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth) into the Chinese calendar. Male Fire is in the Fire group. The colour of Fire is connected to Red. Therefore, 2016 is the Red Fire Monkey year.

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Wednesday February 3 2016

Introducing Nedschroef Tightening Calculator Mobile App


We are proud to introduce to you Nedschroef Tightening Calculation App. Currently, the apps are available on both Google Play Store & Apple iTunes store.

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Monday January 25 2016

Nedschroef supported truck claims 23rd position at Dakar 2016

Nedschroef supported  Schoones Dakar team have successfully completed all the stages of the Dakar Rally Race. After driving for over 9,237 kilometers within 14 days, the team claimed a 23rd position in the Dakar Rally 2016. Nedschroef would like to congratulate the whole team for successfully completing the race.

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Monday January 25 2016

René Klaassen / SMF Tools won the “Ir. Noordhofprijs” Award

René Klaassen / SMF Tools won the “Ir. Noordhofprijs” Award
Recently, our colleague René Klaassen received the Ir. Noordhofprijs Award from the hands of Mr. Jos Smetsers, Director Paccar Purchasing Europe and also chairman of the Ir. Noordhof organisation. This took place during a festive activity at host company DAF Trucks in Eindhoven. Some of our colleagues from Nedschroef and SMF were also present during the ceremony.

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Thursday January 7 2016

Nedschroef Truck in Action @ Dakar 2016

Once again, we are supporting the Schoones Dakar team this year and we are currently roaring at the preliminary 32nd place. We have successfully completed the Stage # 4 of the races.

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Tuesday December 22 2015

Nedschroef @ Company Contact Fair - Konaktiva in Dortmund

The konaktiva is a corporate career fair , which is organized by students for students. The fair takes place at the Messe Westfalenhallen Dortmund.

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Tuesday December 15 2015

Another Successful Lange Nacht der Industrie at Nedschroef

On Thursday, 15th October, 2015, the Lange Nacht der Industrie took place at Nedschroef Fraulautern GmbH.

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Tuesday December 8 2015

Work Anniversary recognition at Nedschroef Altena GmbH

A few weeks ago, our colleagues from Altena celebrated their work anniversary. Management of Nedschroef Altena GmbH congratulated them on their jubilees and recognized for their good cooperation, loyalty over many years and many valuable experiences.

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Tuesday December 1 2015

Nedschroef at Automotive Carrièredag 2015

A few weeks ago, our colleagues from Holding and Helmond attended Automotive Carrièredag 2015 at HAN University of applied sciences /Hogeschool van Arnhem. 

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Tuesday November 24 2015

Nedschroef at Ausbildungsmesse Plettenberg

On September 25th, the Ausbildungsbörse took place in Plettenberg. Our HR team from Nedschroef Plettenberg GmbH was present there with a stand.

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Tuesday November 17 2015

Nedschroef at Karriere im MK

On 8th September, our colleagues from Nedschroef Plettenberg GmbH at Karriere im MK. Our colleagues, from left to right: Sabrina Weth, Kirsten Scheppe (Intern), Steffen Schablowski attended the fair and over 107 companies, 4000 students from the schools in Hemer, Iserlohn, Menden and Balve attended the fair.

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Wednesday November 11 2015

Ties van den Bogaard celebrated 50 year anniversary at Nedschroef

A Few weeks ago, we celebrated our colleague, Ties van den Bogaard’s 50 years of working at Nedschroef Helmond. He started working in 1965, when he was just 14 years old.

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Friday November 6 2015

Stronger Sales & Marketing Through Business Conference 2015

On 3rd of November, the global sales team from all the locations gathered for a 3 day conference in Schrozberg and Rothenburg. Several employees from several locations gathered for an interactive session.

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Tuesday October 20 2015

Open Communication Initiative at Nedschroef

Recently, our CEO, Dr. Mathias Hüttenrauch visited our plant in China. During his short visit, 9 colleagues from different departments attended our regular open communication initiative “Lunch with the Board”.

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Tuesday October 13 2015

Nedschroef Fraulautern GmbH is now ISO 50001 certified

We are happy to inform you that Nedschroef Fraulautern GmbH along with Nedschroef Berlin GmbH has been certified according to standard DIN EN ISO 50001 for the first time. Few weeks ago, our plant in Nedschroef Plettenberg GmbH was certified for Environmental Management System.

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Wednesday October 7 2015

Nedschroef Employees at Business Softball Tournament

Few weeks ago, some colleagues from Nedschroef Helmond B.V. participated in the yearly Business softball tournament. Our team was dressed in official Nedschroef Sportswear. The team won against the DAF Trucks team.

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Tuesday September 29 2015

Art of Nedschroef 2015 – Empowering Employee Creativity

The idea of “The Art of Nedschroef” was born in 2013. The idea behind this project was to give interested employees to design 50 car models in his / her spare time on a specific topic / theme. 

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Tuesday September 15 2015

Visit to Saarstahl AG by our apprentices

Few weeks ago, our apprentices and some employees of the Purchasing and HR Department visited one of our supplier, Saarstahl AG

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Tuesday September 8 2015

Nedschroef Welcomes All the New Apprentices

Recently, at Nedschroef Plettenberg GmbH, 9 new apprentices joined the company. During next few years, our apprentices will learn in-depth both theoretical and practical aspects in various department in our company.

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Tuesday September 1 2015

Small Stories for Every Children of Our Employees

It’s known to everyone that reading stories to kids is important for their education. Reading to children, inspire imagination, opens up new worlds and other cultures, and is ultimately the key to education. Nevertheless only 47 % of the working parents is reading to their children on regular base.

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Friday August 28 2015

40 years work anniversary of our colleague Torben Ulrikkeholm

40 years ago, a new colleague joined the Langeskov Motrikfabrik. It was the son of the owner and founder of the company, and that's how Torben started his career. Throughout his long career, Torben has managed virtually every task, from apprentice to managing director, and today he is the production manager of nuts - no one knows more about designing and production of nuts than Torben does.

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Tuesday August 25 2015

Introducing the future - Nedform Hybrid Machines

We are proud to introduce Nedform Hybrid - state of the art electric direct drive technology with ultra-efficient mechanical kinematics in a perfect harmony. Optimally matched ‘The future is electric direct drive technology’ has been the motto at Nedschroef Machinery for several years. 

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Wednesday August 19 2015


Nedschroef expands its strong European Market position with Whitesell Beckingen and Schrozberg.


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Tuesday August 18 2015

Nedschroef : VLN Aston Martin Team celebrates 1st position

Once again, our Nedschroef / structure construction racing team celebrated the position 1st in the SP10 class. On 1st of August, 2015, it was a perfect sunny day and our team consisting of our CEO, Mathias Hüttenrauch and Michael Czyborra had the best ending: in Nedschroef supported V8 Vantage GT4 (number 186) won the race after 25 laps.

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Tuesday August 11 2015

Nedschroef Langeskov Aps is now even more environmental friendly

Several hundred light sources daily light up our production and storage areas and by changing to modern and energy-efficient LED tubes we were able to achieve both financial and environmental savings.

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Tuesday August 4 2015

Nedschroef employees @ Company Run Saarland

“Get out of your work shoes, leave the office and put on your running shoes” – that was our slogan for the Company Run Saarland 2015. The team spirit was the main focus as all companies form a team of 4.

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Tuesday July 14 2015

Engaging Customers & Future employees through new media channels

"Digitalization is a game changer: Social media as part of the fourth industrial revolution will give rise to radical innovations and disruptive business models. The digital company of the future will be better networked, more intelligent and more "social". – Roland Berger

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Tuesday July 7 2015

Nedschroef has been awarded as “recognized learning company”

Nedschroef Helmond B.V. has been awarded as a “recognized learning company” by Summa Automotive College


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Tuesday June 30 2015

Nedschroef: VLN Aston Martin team celebrates triple victory

Recently, on Saturday, 20th June, 2015. After the third race of the VLN Endurance Championship Nürburgring, our Aston Martin racing team had plenty of reasons to celebrate. Aston Martin customer teams in the GT4 class in positions one to three.

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Tuesday June 30 2015

Nedschroef at the career fair in Saarbrücken


On May 21th, the “interregional job fair” took place for the 6th time in Saarland Halle in Saarbrucken. Nedschroef Fraulautern GmbH was represented with a stand for the first time.


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Tuesday June 23 2015

Nedschroef is now Energy Efficient


Recently, the Energy Management System of Nedschroef Plettenberg GmbH was certified initially according to standard DIN EN ISO 50001.

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Thursday June 18 2015

Nedschroef @ Ausbildungsmesse in Hagen

Few weeks ago, on 29th of May, 2015, Nedschroef participated at Ausbildungsmesse in Hagen. This Education Fair provides a broad overview of the training opportunities in companies and schools in the district of Hagen.


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Tuesday June 16 2015

Nedschroef @ Social RecruitIn Amsterdam Event

The continuing success of Nedschroef depends largely on our ability to recruit and nurture the best talent in all areas of our operations. We want to attract & retain the best of the best. This was the start of a journey to define and re-establish our leadership position in the world of fasteners. To position Nedschroef as the employer of our choice in all our markets, we needed a strong and consistent brand and brand expression.

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Tuesday June 9 2015

Stronger Nedschroef Brand through Marketing Communication Workshop

Few weeks ago, the marketing communication team from all the locations gather for a two day workshop in the Netherlands. Total 14 employees from 5 locations gather for an interactive session.

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Tuesday June 2 2015

Great milestone for Nedschroef Aviation Fasteners GmbH

The aviation & aerospace industry safety and quality is one of the most crucial factor. In order to become a supplier of fasteners to aviation industry, it’s the highly important to have EN 9100 certification.

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Tuesday May 26 2015

Girl´s Day – For the first time at Nedschroef Fraulautern

We are a truly international company, we have daily contact with many different people and cultures. This diversity is also reflected in our workforce. Our working environments are open to all, regardless of people’s health, disabilities, gender or age.  We believe diversity makes us stronger and better.

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Wednesday May 20 2015

Nedschroef is supporting VLN Racing

In April, Nedschroef roared @ VLN Langstreckenmeisterschaft race in famous Nürburgring race. We became 2nd in the race. Nedschroef is currently supporting the Aston Martin racing team “Nedschroef | Structure Racing“. The team is consisting of 15 members and drivers are:

  1. Dr. Michael Czyborra
  2. Dr. Mathias Hüttenrauch (Our CEO)
  3. Peter Terting

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Tuesday May 12 2015

Success through our employees – HR Workshop

Recently, a HR workshop took place on 15th till 17th of April in our Plettenberg plant with 14 of HR Colleagues from 6 different countries.

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Tuesday May 5 2015

LinkedIn published Nedschroef’s success story

We are happy to announce that LinkedIn has published Nedschroef’s recruitment success story in their global platform. Already it has over 120+ download and growing.


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Tuesday April 21 2015

Nedschroef @ Libya Rally 2015

Nedschroef is official sponsor of the private rally team SchoonesDakar which is currently participating one of the extreme desert racing event on Morocco named as Libya Rally 2015.

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Tuesday April 7 2015

Stronger collaboration with Maastricht School of Management & Nedschroef

At Nedschroef, we have strong relationship with various technical schools and business schools. We are constantly exchanging knowledge with various universities to provide our customers with better and innovative solution.

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Wednesday March 25 2015

Employee Training @ Nedschroef

There are many good reasons why we have become one of the technology leaders in fastening solutions. We believe in investing in our employees, by offering variety at work, creative challenges, innovations, open-minded colleagues, an international environment, numerous openings for continuous training.

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Thursday March 19 2015

LinkedIn - Benchmarking Nedschroef on Employer Branding

Recently, Nedschroef is being selected as one of the best business case in the Netherlands by LinkedIn. Nedschroef is being nominated for setting up best example within the industry and SME sector for Employer Branding and recruitment.

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Tuesday March 10 2015

Employee Quality Award

Mr. Berry Hofmans (on the left) was awarded the annual “Employee Quality Award” for outstanding contribution to improving the total quality performance of the company. With Enthusiasm, Berry took the lead in the SMED team and improved the OTD. Together with the team he found potentials to reduce more than 100 change-overs just by re-scheduling.

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Tuesday January 20 2015

New product leaflets are available online

Last year, we introduced media center on website / intranet, where a wide range of product leaflets and our corporate brochure in different languages are available in just one click.

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Tuesday January 13 2015

Nedschroef Supports Two Charity Projects

Every year, Nedschroef supports two charity projects which are suggested by employees Last year, the Board of Directors had asked the Holding colleagues to come up with suggestions for Charity Projects that are somehow related to themselves or to their friends or families. 

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Monday November 24 2014

Nedschroef supports Dakar 2015

Nedschroef is official sponsor of the private rally team SchoonesDakar that will participate in the prestigious Dakar Rally in South Amerika January 2015. A route across Argentina, Chile and Bolivia. 

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Monday November 17 2014

Once again Nedschroef received GM Award for Excellent Quality

Nedschroef Plettenberg GmbH has won GM Supplier Quality Excellence Award for the year 2013-2014. This is the 3rd year in a row, Nedschroef Plettenberg have received this prestigious awards for the highest levels of quality performance over the past 12 months.

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Monday October 27 2014

Nedschroef Group is now managing over 2.8 million document absolutely paperless

Every year Nedschroef Group receives a huge volume of incoming documents, invoices. All our Center of Competence plants received annually up to 200,000 invoices and delivery notes, which amounts to 600,000 pages of paper approximately.

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Wednesday October 22 2014

Once again Nedschroef received GM Award for Excellent Quality

Nedschroef Helmond B.V. is being awarded the General Motors Supplier Quality Excellence Award for the year 2013-14.  This is the third (3rd) year, General Motors presented this prestigious recognition award.

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Monday October 13 2014

Nedschroef @ Automotive Career Fair

Hundreds of students attended the automotive career fair held at the HAN University of Applied Sciences on Tuesday, 7th October 2014.  The automotive career fair was an exciting opportunity for students to learn more about companies that are involved in the automotive industry.

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Wednesday September 24 2014

Introducing Nedschroef branded trucks

Nedschroef provides total solutions for all possible connections. This service goes well beyond the deliveries of fasteners. Nedschroef has a proven track record at leading OEMs with customized service solutions.

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Wednesday July 23 2014

Nedschroef showcases employee creativity with “The Art of Nedschroef 2014”

The idea of “The Art of Nedschroef” was born in 2013. Its purpose was to create an exclusive gift for customers that is unique in this industry. This project aimed to provide opportunity for our employees to showcase their creative sides by designing / painting 50 one of a kind car models.

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Wednesday July 16 2014

Nedschroef Plettenberg celebrates 50th anniversary

On the 28th June, 2014, the 50th anniversary celebration took place at Nedschroef Plettenberg.  

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Monday June 30 2014

Nedschroef steps into Aviation

Nedschroef Aviation Fasteners GmbH, part of Koninklijke Nedschroef Holding B.V., has started their business activities in January 2014 as a manufacturer of Aviation fasteners.

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Monday June 16 2014

Another Successful Lange Nacht der Industrie at Nedschroef

On Thursday, 14th of May, 2014 the Lange Nacht der Industrie took place at Nedschroef Fraulautern, Berlin plant for the first time.

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Monday May 19 2014

Nedschroef received PACCAR Supplier Quality Achievement Award, 2013

PACCAR has awarded Nedschroef Fasteners BV with their outstanding quality products, delivered to PACCAR Worldwide and exceed PACCAR’s quality expectations over 2013.

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Wednesday February 5 2014

Nedschroef received Volvo Quality Excellence Award, 2013

On December 18, 2013 the Volvo Cars Award of Excellence & Volvo Quality Excellence Award (VQE) took place in the Volvo hall in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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Thursday October 31 2013

Nedschroef received GM Supplier Quality Excellence Award, 2013

Once again, Nedschroef Plettenberg has won GM Supplier Quality Excellence Award for demonstrating the highest levels of quality performance over the past 12 months.

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Thursday October 31 2013

Successful Lange Nacht der Industrie event at Nedschroef

On Thursday, 10th of October, 2013 the Lange Nacht der Industrie took place at Nedschroef Fraulautern for the 3rd time.

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Monday August 26 2013

Nedschroef sponsors Speeding Scientists Siegen eV (S3)

Nedschroef is proud to sponsor this year’s latest S3 racing car designed and built by a dedicated student team from the University of Siegen, Germany.

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Tuesday June 25 2013

Grand Opening Ceremony in China

Koninklijke Nedschroef Holding inaugurates its new production site in China.

Supplying hi-tech fastener solutions to the fast-growing automotive industry in emerging markets.

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Saturday June 15 2013

Nedschroef Fraulautern celebrates 200 yrs of state of the art fastener manufacturing

It all began 200 years ago, a young man named Johann Baptiste Strouvelle started manufacturing of spoons and dishes in some rooms of the old monastery, Fraulautern

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Wednesday May 22 2013

Exclusive Nedschroef gifts for valued customers, suppliers, partners and employees

Building strong, trusted relationships with suppliers, special customers, partners and employees have always been one of the core focus in Nedschroef.

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Thursday March 21 2013

Nedschroef awarded with Certificate for Excellent Quality by Toyota Motor Europe


Both Nedschroef Fraulautern and Nedright Technology GmbH have been recently awarded with a Certificate for Excellent Quality by Toyota Motor Europe

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Wednesday February 20 2013

Nedschroef received GM Award for Excellent Quality


Both Nedschroef Plettenberg & Nedschroef Altena have won GM award for excellent quality for the valuation period of July 2011 to June 2012.

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Tuesday December 18 2012

Nedschroef - preferred supplier for DAF/PACCAR

When it comes to quality performance, Nedschroef never compromises. In fact, due to its continuous improvement towards quality performance, recently DAF/PACCAR has listed Nedschroef as preferred supplier.

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Tuesday December 18 2012

Employee Quality Award

Mr. Éric Deschamps was awarded the annual “Employee Quality Award” for outstanding contribution to improving the total quality performance of the company.

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Tuesday December 18 2012

Nedschroef is becoming Greener

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing our generation. Nedschroef Langeskov ApS have started taking several initiatives to become greener by reducing natural gas consumptions.

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Monday September 3 2012

IZB Wolfsburg

Come and see us at The International Suppliers Fair (IZB), the leading European trade fair for the automotive supplier industry, taking place in Wolfsburg from 10th to 12th October 2012.  

We are looking forward to seeing you at our stand: Hal 7/105

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Monday September 3 2012

Nedschroef launches its new Visual Identity

Nedschroef launched a new visual identity on September 24th 2012. In February, we started a communication initiative involving all of Nedschroef’s companies. This led to a new, uniform, corporate and visual identity, to achieve consistency across all our communication media. Not only for the benefit of our clients, but for ourselves too.

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Monday September 3 2012

Fair Company Data bank

Nedschroef is now a member of the “Fair Company Data bank. We have a budget to fund 10 job offers per year in our search for apprentices, trainees and students.
For more information, please visit:

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