Tuesday May 12 2015

Success through our employees – HR Workshop

Recently, a HR workshop took place on 15th till 17th of April in our Plettenberg plant with 14 of HR Colleagues from 6 different countries.

The workshop was led by our Group HR Director, Silke Schormann-Diekmann and all the HR personnel from different locations presented and discussed various topics such as roadmap towards our future, collaborative international working style, employee training and development, modern recruitment methods and etc.

Also, our CEO, Dr. Mathias Hüttenrauch was present during this interactive session with the HR colleagues to inspire towards our future goal. Following colleagues from our different locations were present there:

1. Silke Schormann-Diekmann
2. Dorothee van den Hurk
3. Jacqueline Schrijver
4. Anna-Lena Buresch
5. Susanne Turbula
6. Sabrina Weth
7. Alexandra Edelhoff
8. Carmen Reimer
9. Marc van Opstal
10. Natasja de la Fosse
11. Lotta Mark
12. Rita Gong
13. Darcy Wang
14. Brian Rausner

Every year, HR colleagues from all over the world meets to exchange knowledge and discuss various topic with sole goal i.e. make Nedschroef successful via achievement of our employees. After all, Nedschroef will only create value for our shareholders and customers when we have achieved a fair exchange between company goals and employee aspirations. The success of our business is directly linked to performance of our employees.