Tuesday June 9 2015

Stronger Nedschroef Brand through Marketing Communication Workshop

Few weeks ago, the marketing communication team from all the locations gather for a two day workshop in the Netherlands. Total 14 employees from 5 locations gather for an interactive session.

The Workshop was led by Manager Corporate Communications, Roger van Lieshout. All the Marketing Communication team members from different locations presented and discussed various topics such as roadmap towards our future, internal communication tools, events and external branding through online media etc.

Also, our Vice President Sales & Marketing, Dr. Markus Baum was present during this interactive session with the marketing team member to inspire towards our future goal. Following colleagues from our different locations were present there:


  1. Markus Baum
  2. Roger van Lieshout
  3. Amit Biswas
  4. Jacqueline Schrijver
  5. Daniela Weiler
  6. David Barrero
  7. Kerstin Joan König
  8. Lianne Martens
  9. Paul Taal
  10. Regine von Oeynhausen
  11. Rianne Hens
  12. Annemarie Graat
  13. Anne van Pinxteren
  14. Laurent de Haas

Over last 3 years, Nedschroef have benchmarked itself in the fasteners industry when it comes to branding and marketing communication. Our overall brand index have improved immensely and internal communication have improve significantly. We will continue to work towards to become the best engaged company in the fastener industry through marketing communication.