Wednesday October 26 2016

New interns and graduate students at Nedschroef



Schools have started again and so has the season for interns and graduate students. Nedschroef Helmond once again recruited ten highly motivated students.

For the upcoming five months these students will work on assignments that bring them one step closer to their diplomas. The picture shows the students listed below (left to right, top to bottom):


  • Willem van Krieken
  • Joël Sikteoeboen
  • Jurre van de Waardenburg
  • Kevin de Corte
  • Jop Matijsen
  • Noortje Gevers
  • Luc Heijnen
  • Luuk van Beerendonk
  • Kenny Nguyen
  • Marc van der Linden


At Nedschroef we offer you a gateway to hands-on practice in the form of apprenticeship places, basic internships, mandatory internships, or within the scope of a practical semester for different phases of the study. In addition, at the end of your course of study you can prepare your final dissertation or thesis in cooperation with us in the company.


If you would also like to be an apprentice at Nedschroef with challenging tasks and fascinating prospect, then feel free to contact us.