Tuesday November 17 2015

Nedschroef at Karriere im MK

On 8th September, our colleagues from Nedschroef Plettenberg GmbH at Karriere im MK. Our colleagues, from left to right: Sabrina Weth, Kirsten Scheppe (Intern), Steffen Schablowski attended the fair and over 107 companies, 4000 students from the schools in Hemer, Iserlohn, Menden and Balve attended the fair.

After the fairs we received a lot of applications for commercial and industrial apprenticeships, also for our dual studies. We hope to select some good and special apprentices for our company.

At Nedschroef, our HR team offers a broad and diversified range of international opportunities and personal development for your professional career. Nedschroef will continue to have a strong presence at various education fairs around the world as we aim to attract and inspire bright young minds.